Before using the Android app, you should be aware of this topic.

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 So today I brought you another new tips. Do not raise the word and come to work. I don't think the Android app needs to say that because we currently know very well what an Android app. 

What are the key and its function?

 Android app developers may want to do a lot of bad things to you, now you might think it's weird, but it's true. An Android app can hack everything you never knew. Use a little search engine you will find that besides your target Android app, different types of Android app will be displayed to you.

You may then download and install such Android App reviews without the need of time, and you will not be able to use the Android App without the permission of that Android App. But you do not know how bad it can be with you getting all these permissions in this Android app.


you downloaded an Android app and installed it. The Android app is downloaded and installed for any of your work. After opening the Android App, you asked to register on that Android app, you asked for your phone number on your mobile and you gave it.

Now that the Android app asks you to read and allow SMS, the SMS (OTP) that will be sent to your phone for phone number verification is for auto verifying. You may then be very happy in your mind and think that you will not have to enter the SMS code because of your hard work, Auto Verify will happen. With this idea, he gave the Android app permission to read SMS very easily.

Now if this Android app has your mobile number and permission to read the SMS on your device then the developers of this android app can use it to your detriment as all your virtual accounts can be hacked before installing your Android app. You have to be careful about security. You need to know what exactly these permissions use to do with Android apps so you can be aware of these things a little. The developer of that Android App has the ability to read your device's SMS and if you have a mobile number he can hack any number of accounts on that mobile number using the Recovery method. I am mentioning below how much power the Android app has given your device. May be entitled.

Storage permissions




If you get an Android app from your storage device, that Android app can use your storage as you wish if you want that Android app can hack all your storage data or think of various harmful viruses on your device. Give it.

Camera permissions


If you notice that there are some Android apps that do not work with the camera such as Calculator This calculator android app If you want camera permissions, then imagine how strange it is because the calculator requires your camera permission. The Android app developer may be using this method to monitor you.

Contact Permissions


Maybe you just wanted to have fun with the Android app that you used to search for your current age and download and install an Age Search Calculator, then after you open the Android app, you see the Android app allowing you to read your device's contacts. Want but why think of this Android app? H Calculation of age will be given out by the contacts permission, then why would he, could be the purpose of the Android app to your device's contacts are contacts collected at the earliest.

Microphone Permission



you are the new Wi-Fi-line taken you to want your internet speed will be reviewed for a speed testers to download and install the Android app to open when he saw the microphone's permission is asking, but what is the reason, the work on your internet speed to verify, but the microphone It has nothing to do with the developer of the Android app The installation is recording audio or recording all his calls.

Permission to read SMS


An excellent music player device wants to listen to music default device is not coming to your liking Now you have downloaded and installed a great music player using a search engine but found that while playing the music you have permission for reading Android App SMS. But really worth the thought.

SMS Send Permission


Well, suppose you are a Content Writer you write content on Tricorder you are off data is very nice and easy to write content. For that, it is ok to download a notepad. If you ask for permission to send SMS to send then it is really strange Yes. After receiving this SMS Send Permission, this Android App from your device can put you in danger anytime by SMS.

that's all for today.tomorrow is my exam but I am still here to share some tips with.please pray for my exam after the exam I will publish a lot of tips which will be benefited for you. If you wanted to know about more permission you can search in google there is more information and can also comment I will explain in your language.

Thank You . See you after some day….

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