Beware Of Duplicate “Windows 10 Update”! PC Can Be Attacked By Ransomware!

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The Windows 10 update for 2019 has started rolling out to users and already cybercriminals have started showing off their colour. The hackers have created a fake Windows 10 update that is trying to trick users into installing it, and PC users are being hit by special ransomware when users install it! SpiderLabs Security researchers found a new ransomware campaign, where hackers sent Vic Mail to Facebook in the name of Windows Update. This mail contains the subject line, "Critical Microsoft Windows Update!" Or "Install Latest Microsoft Windows Update now!"

Upon opening the email, a faked update file can be found which is actually an executable file, even with the .jpg extension! Clicking on this malicious file will download another malicious executable file called bitcoingenerator.exe – this second executable file contains a payload of ransomware called cyborg. This means it will enter your system and encrypt all your files and drives.

Now Cyborg will ask you for $ 500 worth of Bitcoin from Ransomware to unlock your files. For those who use Windows PC, please refrain from email. If you update Windows, you can update from Windows 10's Build Settings. Of course, use the official tool, do not download such files from any mail and run on the system.

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