Disable Your Windows Defender Permanently in Windows 10

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Assalamu Alaikum I hope everyone is good. Today I brought you a new Trick. For those who run Windows 10, many know how Windows Defender makes us great. It deletes many good files, software and cracks files. So it is very important to close it. Although many know it, many may not know it. So only those who have no idea about it.

How to Disable?

First step:

For newer Windows (v1703 or above):

To do this, first, go to the Start Menu. You can do this by clicking Start with the mouse or pressing the Start Button from the Keyboard.

Then click on the Settings Icon.

After entering settings, click on Update & Security option.

Then click on the Windows Defender option in the left sidebar.

After going to Windows Defender, click on the Open Windows Defender Security Center option on the right.

Then a window like the one below will be opened in front of you. From there, click on the option as the picture.

Then you will see some options. Here to Virus & threat protection option, click on.

After going here, you will see below that there is an option named Virus & threat protection settings  . Click there.

Then disable all the options you see here.

For older Windows (v1607 or below):

I'm so sorry I couldn't give a Screenshot for this because I use the updated version. However, it is very easy. For this, you will go to Settings just like before. Then go to Update & Security and just get to the Windows Defender option. It should not be so difficult as before.


Step 2:

This is one of the newer-old Windows-this function.

First, go to the Start Menu.

Then type gpedit.msc in the Search bar . Click on the icon below as shown in the picture below.

Then you go to a window. From the location on the left, go to the following directory:

Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Windows Components > Windows Defender Antivirus 

Then double -click on the Turn Off Windows Defender Antivirus option on the right.

This will bring up another window as below. The Disabled on the day Mark.

Finally, close all windows.

Hurrah, all done. From now on, your Windows Defender will be permanently disabled. Enable the option that you disabled to restart.

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