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Download Safelink Converter Free – In the blogger world, of course, you are already familiar with the name GOOGLE ADSENSE. But for the safelink converter do you already know? I think most bloggers don’t really know about its usefulness but this time Digimoclub not only wants to provide free download safelink converter access to Blogspot and WordPress but also wants to provide tips for other uses of free safelink converter besides side by side with adsense alone.

And before you get access to free download safelink for blogspot and wordpress, Digimoclub wants to provide a little insight for you who might not really know about Safelink Converter.

Understanding Safelink Converter in general is a technique for turning a website into an application tool that serves to secure suspicious links to be free of malware that might harm your device.

But during its development, the safelink converter was eventually used by most bloggers, especially those who have download sites in the form of images, videos, software, applications, etc. to be used as a MONETIZE ADSENSE field.

Of course you know that Google Adsense clearly makes strict rules about Blog Download that will never get approval to apply for monetize, but still, the name of human creation is not 100% perfect. Because there are still many downloadable blogs that pass the review even with minimal articles per post.

Until now, we have encountered many safelink converter templates for blogspot and wordpress, so on this occasion evbaie.Com would like to explain in detail while giving you access to free downloads for the template.

Digimoclub will discuss its function in accordance with the general things that bloggers are doing out there, that is, as a monetize field, so ignore the term “malware protection”.

In applying the technique of making a safelink converter, what is usually seen is the uniqueness of making every link that comes out to a page / post, most of which must also contain articles to maintain the concept of PLAY SAFE.

So there is a type of safelink converter that every time you generate it will generate a link that can stop in all posts. Here is more or less the simple workings of the safelink converter


How Safelink Converter Works

In essence, this safelink is made to monetize adsense so that every visitor who stops by contributes Page View and the most expected of course is the ADS CLICK. For safelink converter, you will definitely get Page View because it will usually make the loading of the original destination link for 5-10 seconds.

Yes, if you know this for the first time, you might think of it as a Batman trap, but whatever that means, the safelink converter is an alternative that cannot be underestimated.

Therefore if you do not want to feel trapped if you accidentally get a download cache in the form of a web safelink then you can skip it in the way below

In essence, if you intend to download something, but what you find instead is a blog again, most likely it is Web Safelink Converter. All you need to do is SCROLL DOWN DOWN.

All you need to do is scroll down a bit to get a button or a loading whose writing can be as above or usually “Get Link”, “Click Here”, “Continue”, and others.

You only need to click on the button and it will usually directly lead to the last button which is sandwiched between 1 or 2 of the top and bottom adsense ads to go to your original download link. For example like below so just click the last button then you will be free from safelink.

But some don’t display the first button, for such cases all you have to do is keep scrolling down to get the BUTTON flanked between ads.

More or less like that way through the safelink converter but yes if you are acting as a person who gets access to free downloads, it doesn’t hurt to help that person just by clicking on their Adsense ads and leaving it open for more than 10 seconds because that’s your charity to reward those who have given access for free.

If you write on google “download safelink for free” you will surely get many choices ranging from absolutely free to written FREE once ordered to be paid.

Here evabei.Com will also provide you with the free download of safe link converter templates that are designed just for you. evabei’s upcoming Safelink has the advantage of being a product landing page too.

Designed from mateliaze to make it more modern and unique, please if you want to see the demo first. But if you want to get the guide at once, then please click download

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