Download Siddharth Malhotra’s new movie Marjaavaan’s Clear Print Short Review

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Today we have brought you a short review with a download link from his wonderful action thriller movie Marjaavaan " starring "Siddharth Malhotra". So let's take a look at the rebuttal…

The plot of the movie at the beginning

Raghu is a loyal hooligan of Narayan Anna, a local resident who controls the Mumbai water mafia. His father's reliance on Raghu does not sit well with Vishnu, whose complexities arise from more than his small size. When Raghu became a music-obsessed Kashmiri teenager, Vishnu jumped at the chance to use it to humiliate his father's most beloved hooligan.

When Zoya finds a girl from a brothel in Kashmir for his music festival competition, Vishnu opposes it. He warned Raghu that the girl would eventually become a whore. As a Vishnu goons take the girl away from Raghu, Raghu Gunda kills his friend Maja Vishnu by holding his friend's hand to shoot Raghu and when he escapes, he kidnaps one of his ancestor's enemies, Gitanade, Seeing a young boy Joanna who had chosen the music festival for his shooting, Vishnu fled when he saw the presence of the tide so that they would not kill him, he messaged Raghu but there was no reply then Vishnu told his father that there was eyewitness. Then Anna does not know that Raghu loves her, instructing Raghu to kill Joanna. Finds and tries to escape from his father Vishnu and Vishnu, but they eventually caught and Raghu, Zoya and ordered the children to be put to death. However, Vishnu's father intervened and told Raghu that if he killed Zoya, he and the children would come out safely because he witnessed the Gaitundis kill and finally told Raghu with the gun that Zoya had fired so that the children could safely fire Raghu. Zoya died in his arms as two tears rolled down his eyes. Then the police came and arrested Raghu for the murder of the tide.

Raghu is heartbroken in jail and starts to remember the tide while in jail. Vishnu tried to kill Raghu by imprisoning prisoners because Raghu would retaliate if he was released, but Raghu beat the goons. Vishnu then cut off the feet of Raghu's friend Mazar as he kicked Vishnu. Vishnu's father told him that Raghu would be given a life sentence, but Vishnu helped Raghu get out by bribing the evidence because when Raghu came out, he would kill him.

When Raghu is released, he learns that Raghu is not one after the death of Zora, his father tells him that Raghu killed him that day. Vishnu tried various ways to bring Raghu back to his old ways but failed. While trying this way Vishnu's father caught him and told him not to do it. Enraged, Vishnu kills his father and sends hooligans to kill Raghu, but Raghu kills everyone and then he goes to the tomb and promises to avenge Vishnu's friends who have joined the mission.

On the tenth day, when Vishnu came to burn Raban's idol, he saw Raghu and when he approached Vishnu, he started beating all his goons. Vishnu throws arrows at him, but Raghu pulls him away and Raghu falls unconscious when he dies and he tells his friend Arijo that he cannot be like him for the second time. Then he saw the tidal spirit and died in peace surrounded by friends and family. Police then arrive at the scene where the inspector tells ACP that he is dead and ACP responds that he is back in his life.

– Basically the movie is quite watchable. Butt I didn't like it very much. So you can see if you want to see. Butt was a good fit for everyone.

Movie Info

  • Movie: Marjaavaan
  • Director: Milap Jabari
  • Producer: Bhushan Kumar
  • Author and screenplay: Milap Jabari
  • Music: Pavel, Mitt Bros, Tanshak
  • Kasting: Siddharth, Ritesh, Rakul Preet Singh
  • Language: Hindi
  • Box office: 1.5 crore
  • Release: November 7, 28

So this was all the movie information. Hope you all enjoy the movie. And the movie is really a good one. And I also give you a link to Google Drive for movie downloads. So you simply download and watch the movie.

Download link: Download Now [360p / 390MB]

Download Link II:  Download Now [480p / 406MB]

Download link: Download Now [720p / 700MB]

Download Link: Download Now [720p / 707MB]

Everyone knows that these movie download links do not last very long. If the link does not work while downloading, please comment in the comment box or message the group on Facebook

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