Freelancing and outsourcing are the same thing. Are both of them the same way?

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Freelancing and outsourcing are the same things. Are both of them the same way? Or both are completely different. Many people confuse these two things.

And so today I will discuss some of the core issues with this freelancing and outsourcing that will clear your issue. So let’s get started.

First, let’s not know what freelancing is.

Freelancing is an English word. Whose simple Bengali is “free profession”. Many of us have a misconception that “freelancing can earn money”. In fact, freelancing is a means of making money. Let’s go through the example. Suppose, ‘Akbar is a rickshaw driver in the profession. He earns money by transporting passengers all day. Note that those who run the rickshaw have no time schedule. Whenever you want rickshaw, when the wish is resting, if you do not rent a passenger with the passenger, you will say “No, no!” In a word, he is absolutely independent. If he thinks that his body is bad today, I will not be fenced with rickshaw today. Is anyone in the world able to force him? Then we can say ‘rickshaw is freelancing’ and rickshaw driver is ‘freelancer’.

Simultaneously a mason, a CNG driver, a train driver is a ‘freelancer‘ and their workplace is ‘freelancing‘.

Again a bank manager or varsity professor but not a ‘freelancer’. Because they have to obey a timeline. If the office is at 5, then you have to go to the office before 3 pm anyway. If you do not have time to eat a bush from the “upstairs”, the job can be a bonus! Again in the morning, it seemed like the body was mashing today or in the afternoon it felt like a little rest. You can’t do anything you want! Finish the job first, then the rest is 5

What is Outsourcing?

Now let’s get ‘Outsourcing’. Many people have died due to ‘Dengue’ in our country lately and many are sick and hospitalized. God keep everyone healthy. This dengue occurs more often during the monsoon. Now every city corporation has its own people to clean up. Now it turns out that what people have is not enough. In these few months, it will take 2-5 times the people to do the clean work well. Now the city corporation has two roads. Either those who need extra are assigned at a time. It will be difficult to see that they need for 2-5 months but will have to pay 12 months! Which is a LOS project? Another way is a city corporation to hire additional people who can hire them on a contract basis. That you will stay for 6 months. When the work is done, you will leave with money. This is the profit of the City Corporation. This is ‘outsourcing’.

Likewise, I will build my house. I assigned everyone to work for colour work, cut mud. The work is over Transactions and Finish. Where do I go again Rickshaw auction, I fixed the rent. I went to my place and rented.

So freelancing and outsourcing are completely different things. Hope everyone understands.

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