Google has launched Android 10 Go

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The Google Android 10G version was released on September 3, 2019. Google envisions the tradition of naming its main version OS after the confectioners by announcing its branding of "Android Q" OS as "Android 10". 

Some of the key features of 10 GO:

1. Family Link:
Are you a watchful parent who keeps up with the actions and presence of their children around the clock? If yes, check out the 'Family Link' feature of the Google Android 10 GO version. You can restrict the content to different applications or webpages, and adjust your device's current location Your kids can stay updated about the movements of Ner.

2. Gesture Navigation:
Google has improved its 'navigation navigation' system on the latest Android 10 GO version. The interactive navigation system lets users easily swipe to the front or back to access various applications or quickly return to the home screen.

4. Live Caption:

If you prefer to take selfies or capture video from now on, the ' Live Caption' feature may be a blessing to you.

3. Smart Response: When
someone sends you a message, Android 10 Go's Smart Replay 'option can identify the purpose of the content of that message and will display a suggestive response without delay. Provides.

7. Sound Amplifier:
If you're working in a noise zone and receiving important calls at the same time? Noise surrounding interrupts listening in your conversations. To overcome this kind of situation, the Android 10 GO operating system is programmed with a 'sound amplifier' feature.

5. Privacy Controls:
The advanced design of Google OS Android 10 integrates all privacy control options into one place. Now you can easily change your privacy settings in just a few moments.

6 Security Update: When your smartphone's apps are not updated regularly, it runs the risk of being infected by malware, viruses or even hackers. Worry concern! Android 10's enhanced 'security update' feature may appear as a relief.

7. Location Control:
Google Android 10 gives you the option to choose whether you want to share your location with different apps.
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