Important questions and answers related admission to DU College.

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Students still do not know very well about DU college. They have many questions regarding admission. Which is not explicitly stated in the admission notice. So today we will know some important information about admission to that college.

Q 1: Will the SSC and HSC need separate points for taking the exam in Du 7college?

Answer : Seven separate colleges will not require separate points for appearing in SSC and HSC ..

Science department – 1.3

humanities department – 1.1

business department – 1.0. (With the fourth issue).

There will be 122 mark test. And 5 marks will be on SSC and HSC GPA.

★ Question: 2: Can one test from one department to another?
Answer: Students in Science and Commerce will be able to take exams in the arts.

★ Question: 3: Will the test be different in one day or not?
Answer: 3 unit test will be separate 3 days.

★ Question: 4: Can you take the second time test?
Answer: Can’t give Second Time Exam

★ Question: 5: Who can take the exam in 20-20 sessions?
Answer = Those who pass the HSC in 2019 can pay, but if someone passes SSC in 2016, fails in HSC in 2018. In 2019, by passing the HSC, they can also take the exam.

★ Question: 6: Can those who did not appear or apply for the exam last year be able to take the college test this time?
Answer = You do not take exams anywhere or not, you will not be able to take the exam in Second Time 1 College

★ Question: 7: Brother, how do I take a preposition?
Answer: Dabi affiliate college will do all the work from the exam questions and Dabir sierras.

★ Question: 8: Will we have any session at affiliate college?
Answer: You will not have any session. Do not listen to any kind of rumour. So after moving from one university to another, it will take some time for him to start his activities. This is normal.

★ Question: 9 Where will the test seat be worn?
Answer: In the seven colleges of Dhaka and the buildings of the Faculty of Arts, Commerce and Science of Dhaka University.

★ Question: 10: When will the exam and application start?
Answer: The application will start in November and the exam in December. After the examination of the University of Dhaka will be the examination of the affiliated college.

★ Question: 11: Will the test have a negative mark?
Answer: There will be no negative mark.

★ Question: 12: Who will give the affiliate college certificate?
Answer: Affiliate college certificate will be issued from DU.

★ Question: 13: What will be the standard of study at affiliate college?
Answer: Of course, DU will not give their certificate in the affair The certificate should be collected after studying.

★ Question: 14: Which of the affiliate colleges is the best?
Answer: All good but its in middle Dhaka College (for boys only), Titumir College (both boys and girls), Eden College (for girls only), three college are the first-row college.

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