Learn how to use Night Mode in Google Chrome

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We use Google Chrome a lot. Many users use the Internet at night, which has a very bad effect on the eyes. If you turn off the lighting in the house in low light or use the computer on the computer. It can cause a lot of damage to your eyes. I have already told you about adding a computer to avoid

However, if you need to work at night for some reason, try out the small but effective tips I will tell you today about how to use Night Mode in Google Chrome.
# How to apply Night Mode in Google Chrome The
effect of computer light on the eyes directly on the eyes. Working on it causes the eyes to become red and to cause headaches.
# If working on the Internet, put your browser in night reading mode, it's very easy.
# If you are using Google Chrome, download the Night Reading Mode extension, which is available for free in the Chrome Store.
It has the option of increasing the brightness and contrast but you can use its auto mode if you want.

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