Learn some information about “FaceApp” and its data wipe settings

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# What is the Face App?

Face App is a Russian app developed by Wireless Lab. It tells you how you will look in your old age. It has been available in the App Store for 25 years but it has become very fast in recent days.

This app is used by many users as well as celebrities, which is why its popularity is increasing so fast.

# Does the Face App steal data?
UoR: There are two opinions going on between people as well as the reputation of the face app. Some people have said that using the Face App does not do any harm, but some believe that their privacy has been threatened through this app.
The policy of this application clearly states that the user's photos and data will be safe to the organization. The company will not sell this data to advertising companies, but this company may use your data if you need it.

# Use the Face App?
Answer: This app is just for fun. It has no important use. Now your app is going to biometric information company through this app. If you are thinking about privacy, then you should not use it if you want to keep your privacy. Not that you are going to have a major crisis. It is your storage, media, files, photos, camera, in. Taraneta etc. is permitted.

# How to delete data from the Face app?
Answer: If you still have concerns about your privacy, do this simple task and delete your data from the Face app.
Open the @ setting, click on the Settings icon that appears on the left side of the home page of Facebook.

Click @Report Bug and send the logs. Now click on the Report Bug and Sending Log option. Usually, this option is used to inform the company of any deficiencies or hesitation in the application.


@ Then enter a message that you need to delete your data.
Click on the @FaceApp report.
After receiving this message, Facebook will delete your data.

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