Win free smartphones for free from shopping and free money for shopping. Explosion offer is going on at Daraz.

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Daraz is at the top of all the online shopping in Bangladesh.
As we all know, Daraz is the largest and most popular online shopping place in Bangladesh where customers can easily shop anything online.

Drawer always gives his customers a little more.
Attractive vouchers, discounts, coupons, games, cashback offers various offers to encourage customers.

Not long ago, they joined hands with AliExpress, one of the world’s most notable eCommerce websites.

Since then, Draz has brought in a variety of offers and cashback to encourage customers.

Sometimes cashback, sometimes huge discounts, sometimes a flash sale, sometimes a chance to win a game, sometimes a lucky wheel,

Encourage Customers to Shop Online With Free Delivery Ever!

Today, October 8, Darius is offering a number of interesting offers to its customers.

Inside, he wins a prize while playing a game, Lucky wins a spin to win a prize.
Attractive vouchers, winning games for 5 bucks, prizes, mega deals and more.

Today, I will show you how to win a prize by playing games and how to win a prize by turning a lucky wheel. For those who play a lot of good games and a lot of luck, winning a prize will be much easier.

So let’s not see how playing a game wins a prize and turns a spin wheel to win a prize.
That’s why you have to download the Drawjap app first because you can’t play it on their website.
So click on the link below to download, or if your drawer app is outdated, update it from the link now.

Download Latest Apps
Open the app at the end of the download and sign up and log in.

Then click on Live Now like the screenshot below from the homepage.

First, we will play the game and offer to win mobile. For this, click on the 1 bucks game option

Then make a payment with your development!
Then come a game and then play the game. Lucky Winner will get an interesting smartphone. However, those who cannot win the prize will be backed to develop the money.

This time we turn the spin wheel and play a prize-winning game.
First, click on Wheel of Fortune as in the screenshot below

Now click on the spin wheel and keep going.

If your luck is so good then you can win a voucher.

And with this voucher, you can shop from the door.
There is also a chance to win mobile vouchers with which you can shop from the door.
Also if any of you want to do some shopping from Daraz, shop inside today because they are running a huge discount.

Thanks so much for being seen today.

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