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YouTube brings new policies to advertising

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Youtube New Policies january 2018

YouTube has said in a blog post that if a YouTube channel does not have 4,000 hours of video view in 12 months and 1 thousand subscribers, then that channel ad will be closed.

And those who have been educated or have already been enabled but they have 4,000 hours of watch time and 1000 subscriptions, they will have to fill it on February 20, 2018. If they are not complete then the ad will be closed from their channel.

This is the context YouTube says, it will help the real content creators. Those who make spamming and fake videos on YouTube will take leave This policy will come into force on February 20th. If you want to get an ad, you must have 4 thousand hours of video view and 1 thousand subscribers per year. This condition must be met in the advertised channel.

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